Unger Farm

The first time I visited Unger Farms, I had some sort of strawberry-chicken salad panini.  The berries were the best I’d ever tasted.  The chicken was tender and even now,  if I inhale with my eyes closed, I can remember the smell of the bread. While I’ve tried to recreate the dish in my own kitchen several times, I’ve always  been unsuccessful.  Luckily, this special place is just west of Beaverton so visiting is easy!

Today on our way to meet friends at a winery, we stopped by the Unger’s Farm Store to pick up lunch.  The cheese plate, strawberry-spinach salad, and farmhouse panini were delicious!


Patio Dining

The Aflac duck attempts a yoga pose in one commercial and makes a sound that indicates it is very relaxed.  From the patio of the Unger Farm’s Store, you can hear birds and an occasional Aflac duck doing yoga (moan or croak or hum) sound.  The overall experience on a sunny day is BLISS!  This is the MOST RELAXING place on earth.



Family Friendly?  Yes! While the shop itself has many small jars of special treats, it’s spacious enough were I didn’t knock over a single one.  I would guess that energetic toddlers might not be so lucky.  The property has a play area, picnic tables, a basket of blankets and toys including balls and frisbees.Bigger kids can play horseshoes or corn hole as well.



Pet Friendly?  Yes! Well behaved pets are allowed on leash on the lawn area only.  I appreciate how clear they are with expectations about where pets should or should not be.




Restrooms? Shabby chic and family friendly! Both times I’ve visited I’ve studied the light fixture.  I’m sure that all supplies could easily be found at the Restore if I tried to replicate this part of the experience as well.  A hot water heater is cleverly disguised and the mirror is framed like a window.  It is a well stocked clean restroom.



Interesting Asides

The front porch swing beckons and invites deep pondering will listening to the birds and Aflac yoga frog!


Yoga classes are offered twice a week.


Unger Family Farm

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