Beach+ Book + Beverage = Bliss at The Channel House

The best hot tub in the world is perched on the side of a cliff overlooking Depoe Bay.  This  is the perfect place to watch the resident whale while sipping a glass of wine!  All of the rooms we’ve stayed in at Channel House come with a hot tub with a view, fresh-baked cookies and ear plugs.


Just a few blocks away from the Depoe Bay Winery (with complimentary tastings of a range of Oregon wines), Channel House is on the channel (go figure) of the smallest bay in the world (or Oregon, or Lincoln County perhaps).  Watching boats come and go provides hours of entertainment until the Coast Guard declares the bay closed due to weather conditions.  While we’ve never needed the earplugs due to the fog horn, we have observed as lines of boats wait to enter.

The space where boats pass through is very narrow.  When we saw a whale IN THE CHANNEL we wondered how boats would get by or how the whale would  get out.  As the large grey back emerged, Darold thought it was just a rock–a rock with a blowhole–blocking the way.  We watched as the massive mammal did some sort of underwater acrobatics and emerged in the bay.

Sunny summer days pair perfectly with an Oregon beverage, a book and the bay.

Channel House

If Channel House sounds like the perfect spot for your next romantic get-away there are a few things you should know in order to maximize your experience.

Kids are NOT allowed so plan accordingly.

Hot tubs our outside so the whales can watch you and people in boats can see you too so plan accordingly.

The breakfast they provide is beyond amazing!

Ainslee’s Caramel Corn and salt water taffy is the BEST in town.  Walk over to get some nourishment to satisfy you until dinner.

The Mexican restaurant next door is our favorite on the Oregon Coast.  There are many other restaurants within walking distance but we always end up eating there on our first day and enjoying leftovers the next day.









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