Free Bowling and Books!

“Free is a very good price!”  If you lived in Oregon in the late 1900s, you likely remember this.  Tom Peterson (Portland Advertising Giant ) started each commercial with that slogan.  Decades later, I’m still learning that while free is a very good price, it’s always turns out to cost about $100 more than expected.

I got to spend Monday with my favorite kids. First we went to the Beaverton City Library Murray-Scholls Branch and each child checked out their weight in books.  The best way for a child to become a better reader is by reading and being read to.  My crew explored books about rocks, dinosaurs, recipes, Star Wars, Legos, cheetahs and more.  They signed up for the summer reading program and got a FREE magic pencil.  My out of pocket expense as of this minute (21 days before the books are due) was $0.  Free is a very good price!

Next we went to Big Al’s for FREE bowling.  Throughout the summer, kids can bowl two games a day for FREE and free is a very good price. My wallet came out more than once during our free visit–socks $6.98, shoe rentals $21, food $27, family pass so I can bowl for FREE with them throughout the summer $29, and Montinore 2016 Almost Dry Riesling (Wine is Fine!) at the end of the day in the quiet of my home to reward myself for being so thrifty $18.  Spending time with kids I adore–$Priceless!


Tips for Making Free Books and Bowling More Successful

Bring a reusable shopping bag to the library for each child.  As kids browse books, they can add them to the bag.  They must be able to carry their own bag to the check out counter.  At home, the bag serves as a storage place for books and makes it easier to return them.

Bring snacks for kids and adults to enjoy before entering bowling center.  Knowing that my group had just had cheese sticks and nectarines made it easier to order a smaller sized pizza.

Every car should have an extra 10 pairs of socks stashed for emergencies.



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