Girls Road Trip to the Oregon Coast

Tuesdays are the best day to hang out with friends who have Tuesdays off.  We decided to take a road trip to visit my niece in Lincoln City.  Hydration is always an important part of a road trip so our first stop was Starbucks.  We enjoyed unsweetened ice tea and a double chocolate cup of YUM!


Described as “good-really good”, Kate’s drink was a special blend.

Just south of Salishan, the quiet beaches provided a great spot for hangin’ out with gal pals.  We played games, enjoyed a snack, and even saw a whale making it’s way south just beyond the surf.

Further south in Depoe Bay, we enjoyed lunch at  Tidal Raves.  Our server, J.C. was quick to meet our needs.  Our table overlooked the bay and from my position I was able to see the bay AND diners as they spotted whales. Watching dinners watch whales is a treat.  In unison, eyebrows raise, postures change, hand gestures indicate the general area of sighting, then bright smiles make faces glow!  Glowing faces were the BEST part of this experience.


Seared wild Mahi Mahi was delicious.  The ginger orange white wine sauce perfectly complimented firm fish with grilled zucchini and carrots.  The generous portion of crab on the Louie was satisfying.  The garlic bread had just the right amount of crunch with not too much garlic.   Coconut prawns with Thai chili sauce were also delicious.

J.C.’s description of a marionberry dessert with vanilla ice cream made our mouths water but we save our sweet tooth for a visit to Ainslees.    Known for the best caramel corn in the world, Ainslee’s has great taffy and ice cream too!  It was our last stop in Depoe Bay after we meandered in and out of shops.  Jewelry, leather, wood–so many amazing artists share their work in the shops.


Tidal Raves has an in-house wine shop with a nice selection of “to go” wines.

Tidal Raves

Interesting Asides:

Kids?  For the picky younger eaters in my life, I didn’t see anything  on the lunch menu that would have tickled their fancy but I’m sure they would have loved the oyster cracks that came with chowder and they would have been mesmerized by the view.  Watching for spouts is addictive.



Restrooms? With extraordinary views, the ordinary but clean bathrooms were the least inspiring part of the Tidal Raves experience.  Whales and whale watchers could not be seen from clean, well stocked stalls but that was okay.


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