What We Focus on Grows

Geddy Lee said, “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” I have decided to make better choices in my thought life. Because I have just 24 hours a day, I need to make sure that I invest my finite time into thoughts with the greatest positive return. What we pay attention to grows! I need to pay attention to all of the great things that make my life so very interesting. Keeping a list of those things allows one to go back to GOOD memories.

sunset beach people sunrise
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Best parts of my day on October 28, 2014—5th graders at lunch talked about the time of day they were born when one said she wasn’t sure about the exact day or time since they were not sure how old she was when she was left at the orphanage–the boys listened thoughtfully and responded with caring questions…..3rd graders providing feedback on a student’s writing with words of encouragement and specific examples of how different elements were used…..when 1st grader fake puked, my secretary took care of it because even fake puke makes me queasy…when we went to an appointment far away, my son talked the whole way there and the whole way back….my husband had a warm dinner ready when we got home….a staff member texted me a nice note…the BiMart pharmacist allowed me to drop off an order 2 minutes before closing AND he filled it….I saw two former students and they were bubbly kind in an awkward boy sort of way….two people jumped up to do a project during a meeting and they knocked it out…my lovely daughter sent me a note….a second grader called the non-Dansko shoes I wore ‘high heels” like I was fancy-schmancy…a before school reading club has kids coming in the dark but they get lost in reading straight away–I love dreamy kids lost in books….a friend lent me a novel that reminded her of Downton Abbey…..I got to watch a speech teacher work magic with augmentative a communication device that gave a little guy a voice…I am so lucky to have so many GREAT small moments that make up my day!

What parts of your day will you reflect back on and what will you celebrate?

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  1. Great photo to accompany the sentiment expressed in your writing. Fun revisiting highs of the past— a definite benefit of journaling/blogging!


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