Farm Market for Shoes?–Scarcity Inspires

Tomatoes, fresh flowers and the work of a local artist–I had just 3 things on my list but I came home with a new pair of shoes.  While it seems that summer has just started, sandal sales announce the quick passing of this season.

Farm stands, farmer’s markets and outdoor festivals provide powerful sensory input during the summer.  In the dreary dark months of winter, I rely on my summer memories to pull me through.  At the start of the season, I take for granted what stretches before me.  The sandal sale at the Tuesday Night Market jolts me into realizing that I’ve reached the mid-way marker and that time is slipping by.

My scarcity mentality drives me to smell the lavender, listen to the music, and collect memories of the relaxed joy of those around me as they eat a meal from one of the many food carts.  Though I buy a pair of sandals and greeting cards designed by my favorite local artist SheilaChuganiArt I leave with something far greater–INSPIRATION to be more mindful of these special days.

Driving home, we pass fields of fresh cut hay drying in the evening sun.  The smell of hay on the cool air flowing through open windows reminds me of evening summer drives with my dad near Wamic, Oregon long ago.  It was so exciting then to have special time away from my brother and to be up past my bedtime on a special trip.  I wonder if years from now, I’ll smell a fresh box of Taos footwear and think back to the joy of today.


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