Ava Roasteria with Friends

Spending time with friends on a sunny Thursday is always fun.  Today we met up for coffee at Ava Roasteria on Hall Street in Beaverton.  My iced Americano was fabulous!

Ava Roasteria

Bathrooms? While private, clean and well stocked, the restrooms were complicated. The key marked “Women” was available but the women’s restroom door lock read “In Use”.   I waited a bit and someone exited the restroom that had indeed been “in use” and while I used the space, I worried that maybe someone else had a key to get in too.  I had to keep my focus on the door handle so I could scream out “in use” if slight movement of the handle indicated someone trying to enter while I had my pants down.

Later, a friend noticed the door read “Cant” and wondered about the meaning as well.   Can’t she use is at that moment?


Luckily, this spot for coffee is close enough to home and the public library (both with private and clean restrooms) that IF I drink too much of their fabulous coffee in the future, I have quick access to an alternate location if I’m concerned about possible privacy interruptions with questionable door labels/locks.

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