You can likely tell from a family picture that someone in our family is drawn to outdoor stores.  Our first trip to the new Cabela’s was interesting. There is one whole aisle dedicated to portable toilets. In the camo section I heard, “Where’s the Predator?” over and over. Perhaps that brand was camouflaged. It seems that with 50 shades of green they’d have it covered. The number of(synthetic I hope) samples of ovulating deer and elk excrement was vast! My beloved husband 26220214_10213094286330448_1914300578544560331_nwondered who does their taxidermy because the quality of mounts in my dad’s garage seemed much more life like. (Not that I’m planning to someday inherit them all, but I’m pretty sure I could convince this store to take them if I do.) Having grown up in a hunting family, I was sure that spending hours in sporting goods stores or Del’s Archery Den would have better prepared me to be patient in such events but I really connected with the little guy near the BargainCave as he cried while jumping up and down, “Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Luckily, the vanilla scented nuts lured us to the checkout or we’d have been there all day.

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