Fall Colors, Fabric, Faces and Leg Stubble

I wore jeans today.  While this may not seem signifiant, it’s the first time this fall that I went with long pants.   Initially, I told myself I was wearing pants because the temperatures call for more coverage but really, I did it because I was too lazy to shave my legs.

In my current season (retirement-aka endless summer), I have enjoyed wearing my most comfortable clothes almost daily since July. I endured the jeans for 2 hours and 17 minutes and I changed the minute I got home.

Now,  it’s nearly 70 degrees and the sun shines golden through the changing leaves.  My prickly legs don’t seem to bother the 2-year old I’m spending my afternoon with but I’m reminded of former students’ reaction to the texture.

A few years ago, on a day much like today, with fall colors ablaze, I wore a fabulously long dress that hid the stubble.  I should say,  the dress I wore “the first half of the day” because apparently, it had a texture that attracted the face of a  5 year old.

I knew the non-verbal child had sensory issues so wasn’t surprised when he rubbed his cheek then nose on my shin during carpet time. At first, I was relieved when he followed my “stop” command and moved from the shin to the fabric.  He’d seemed mesmerized by my stubble so the fabric was a good distraction.The big, twirly skirt had so much fabric that he backed off a bit and my space bubble felt in tact.   He rubbed the silky fabric on his cheek then buried his nose in the fullness of the fabric that must have seemed like a luxurious hanky for then, he blew and wiped.   The dress I wore the second half of the day did not attract noses.

Today, I’m grateful for the beautiful fall colors, for sunshine and for stories.  I’m grateful for the many choices I get to make each day.  I’m grateful for all of the adults in school today who provide unconditional care and instruction for kids who haven’t yet learned all the skills necessary to contain germs (or nasal drainage).  I’m thankful for the power of YET knowing that someday, I may someday develop habits to add to my overall wellness, and the wellness of those around me.  I’m grateful that I live in a place where the vibrant, distinct seasons trigger memories that bring me joy!

leaves fall colors rainbow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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