Papa’s Pumpkin Patch

My new favorite pumpkin patch is Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in Sherwood, Oregon.  Papa’s Pumpkin Patch The relaxed, family friendly feel and focus on the PUMPKINS, made it an abundantly rich experience.

We visited on Wednesday afternoon and my greatkids had a blast and I didn’t break the bank.  The MONSTER pumpkin picked out my my grandmother’s great-great-niece (aka Sissy) was 45 pounds but only set me back $4.00.  My great nephew (aka Blueberry Boy) found many of all shapes, sizes and colors.  We filled the stroller first then moved on to a wagon.

The patch was perfectly pleasant because there was so much wide open space.  With a two-year old, vast expanse can be a challenge but LUCKILY, pumpkin vines slowed down our Blueberry Boy.


Twice, Papa himself provided information about the produce we purchased.  He shared his secret for great pumpkin seeds with Sis and even helped her pick the perfect type of pumpkin for seeds.  Instead of baking them in the oven, based on his suggestion, we will fry them stove top in a cast iron skillet with just a drop of oil.


In addition to a fabulous selection of pumpkins,  the flowers were also a beautiful and a fraction of what you’d pay at the store.  I bought two HUGE yellow ones for just $6.99 each (they are currently $19.99 at Albertsons).

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