Nose to Nose

Principals have strong legs. During a day on the job, I’d do about 1000 squats a day as I get down to face level with kids. I did just that when a girl was escorted to the office. She fake puked yesterday and reminded me just a bit of Ferris Bueller wanting a day off. Again, she said she was so sick she couldn’t make it to the health room on her own hence the escort. I did my deep knee bend, so was nose to nose with her when I told her with my best empathy voice I was sorry she wasn’t feeling well and that it was too bad she was too sick for school so would likely miss the fall party. She pepped right up and seemed to be instantly healed! I felt like Ed Rooney catching Ferris faking it. We still did the health room drill despite the her peppiness. Unfortunately, she ended up having a high fever so my close face to face interaction likely exposed me to some horrible virus. URgh!

alone black and white blur child
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