Dog Lovers!

NO EYE CONTACT before her morning walk.  The directions were clear BUT I didn’t anticipate the need to share that expectation so early in the day.  In the predawn hours, the house was quiet.  We’d made it to the patio door when the tiny beast saw the shadowy figure of a girl sitting in the recliner.  Tiny Beast flew into the chair, landing on top of the girl.  Tiny Beast licked her face with a joyful hello.  The girl, dressed for work, not only made eye contact but also issued a firm “no”.  She followed it up with a “did you just pee on me?”  

The predictable piddle resulted in a wardrobe change, a grumpy girl and my husband’s restated declaration of joy that we no longer own a dog. Pet sitting for my parents always affirms his dislike of small, entitled dogs.  Dachshunds, with bullet like bodies, jump higher and move faster than one would anticipate.  This particular one can seemingly leak her fully body weight, one puddle at a time, multiple times each day resulting in countless stories about where, how or who she peed on because of her abundant enthusiasm.  

My husband is the only non-dog-lover in the state of Oregon so most Oregonians find stories about our piddling pooch amusing.    He does not.  

adorable blur breed close up
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