Keep Your Clothes On! Emergency Preparedness

Someone reported a naked man suspiciously sitting in a truck in the parking lot. While in some places, this might not be an issue, at elementary schools, reports of this nature cause alarm.  Please consider this as a public service announcement–KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON while on school property and PREPARE for EMERGENCIES before they happen.  A list of easy to assembly emergency kits is included below.

For friends who might be reading this wanting more details about the naked guy, I won’t leave you hanging.  I went out to investigate and found a topless dad. LUCKILY, his pants were on. He’d had a great workout at the gym prior to coming to school at dismissal time. Between the gym and his truck, he got caught in a downpour. He explained that as he waited to pick up his son in the school’s parking lot he got really cold so took off his wet shirt and put it over his car heater to dry. Based on the description given by onlookers, he may have tried to warm himself by vigorously rubbing his palms together near the lower vent.  Shirtless and slightly embarrassed, his posture along with is vigorous hand rubbing down low, as he hunkered in his seat and tried to get warm may have given others the impression of different type of rubbing causing what seemed like an emergency.  Again, this emergency could have been prevented.

EMERGENCY KITS are easy to assemble ( in a gallon sized ziplock bag) and store in one’s car.

Emergency Clothing Kit-Includes: shirt, socks, pants, underwear, flat sheet (for easy cover up while changing).

Emergency Bowling Kit-Includes:  clean socks in several sizes, hand sanitizer

Emergency Gift Wrap Kit-Includes: red wrapping paper, tape, small scissors, ribbon or raffia, blank cards

Emergency Car Accident/Stall or  in Bad Traffic Kit Includes: Reading glasses, blank index cards (to write on), fine tip permanent marker (to write with) with several yards of duct tape wrapped around it (for just about anything), heavy duty tin foil (for just about anything but handy for making a urine directing device if you’re trapped in your car), trash bag (to use as a tarp when changing a tire, rain coat when worn, or toilet), bottled water for hydration, high protein snacks (to prevent hangry mama), glow stick necklaces (to wear in the dark if you have to walk to safety or change a tire so drivers will see you), bandages, maxi pads (great for absorbing blood and other spilled fluid),  gloves,  gallon sized ziplock bags,  Advil, cough drops, Benadryl, bus passes (in Portland Oregon Area, Adult Trimet 24 hour passes), Tissues

Emergency Wine Tasting Kit Includes:-100 Calorie Packs of Dry Roasted Almonds, Cracker packs, Tissues

Emergency Shoe/Outerware Kit Includes:  One pair of shoes that will work any any weather (just in case your car breaks down on icy roads in the middle of the night and you are wearing pumps during a snowstorm and you have no phone), socks, coat, hat, gloves, 4 trashbags (1 for each foot to keep feet dry, 1 to use as rain jacket and one to put all your really important things in that you need to keep dry-can be worn as backpack), tin foil (can be crumpled and taped to bottom of shoe to create traction) and duct tape.






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