Size Matters!

There’s nothing like dark, cold, foggy mornings in the Pacific Northwest to inspire one to reminisce about the warm, long days of summer.  This morning I made a mad dash to the mini-mart down the street for OJ and Dayquil.  There is a little drive-through coffee shop nestled between the Goodwill donation station and the Plaid Pantry.  Coffee Additcts has the BEST Mexican Mochas in the world but today, I was on a mission to get cures for the common cold.   Instead of pulling in behind a muscle car for a marvelous mocha,  I grabbed my wellness essentials and went home.

The loud-purr (is that an oxymoron) of the car in the coffee shop reminded me of the engines we’d admired in July.  Each of the cars in the Tuesday Cruise in had a tiny sign in the window reminding visitors not to touch.    It seems like big cars call for big signs.  Based on the number of people not meeting the expectation, it seems like the size of the sign was insufficient for getting the message out.  Size matters!  Size matters when it comes to engines as well.  Big engines purr but my little car sounds more like a lawn-mower


This morning, as I passed by the muscle car in the coffee lane, I revved my engine ever so slightly.  My Subaru is the perfect car so so many things but I realized that life in the fast lane requires a V-8.

Orange Juice has 71% of my recommended daily allowance of vitamin C compared to V-8  with a whopping 120%.  I should have bought V-8.

IMG_2078 2


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