Best Child’s Haircut–Kookie Kutter

A friend once told me that my son’s self esteem would be greatly damaged if I continued to save money by cutting his hair myself.  About the same time, my husband got a pin from a co-worker with the message “bummer of a haircut dude” SO I gave up my shears and my boys started going to Great Clips.  It was at Great Clips we learned about my daughter’s first case of head lice.  At Great Clips my youngest son sat terrified while the razor buzzed around his ears.  While we avoided salons where the fumes (from nails, highlights or permanent waves) added to the sensory stimulation,  getting a hair cut was not thought of as a pleasant experience.  I wish Kookie Kutter had been around when my kids were little.
Next to Lion Heart Coffee in Tigard is the world’s best kid’s hair cutter.  Kookie Kutter has her own private spot in Sola Salon and she is fabulous!
When a very special 2 year old saw her last week, they started the visit by playing.  They got to know one another as they drew on her chalkboard and played with very special toys.
She let him explore the space before finding a great toy AND video to keep him entertained while he got his first haircut.  She was quiet and gentle and our little guy with his wild, wispy locks was transformed into a little boy as got his first haircut.
Mom went home with a special certificate and a lock of curls to save in the baby book.  I went home with a warm heart, so grateful that this amazing stylist has a heart for kids.
(503) 544-1532
11415 SW Scholls Ferry Rd studio 2, Beaverton, OR 97008

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