Celebration at the G-dub

Why me?  Why does it always happen to me?

“In two weeks I am graduating from college,” he said in a monotone voice with each syllable robotically distinct.  I smiled and congratulated him. He looked at my face and continued, “I’ve been going to PCC for 11 years.  It’s a long story but I did it.”

My smile grew.  “You must be a hard worker.  You must be persistent!  Nice job!”

He smiled and shuffled down the aisle.  I looked around the crowded Good Will store.  Other shoppers shopped like me.  Others in blue vests, like him, stocked the shelves.  It seemed that I was the only one he picked to share his news with and I felt honored.

Why me?  Why do I get invited to hear special announcements or help with important things? My family often teases me because strange children consistently approach me in stores to ask for help fastening shoes or zipping coats.  Old women approach me in hospitals and ask for directions or assistance with understanding a form.  Today I helped someone celebrate.

This is not he first celebration story I’ve heard at Good Will.  At the donation station I frequent, I’ve celebrated the first raindrops after a long dry summer with stories about childhood parties in Somalia.  Senior day at the GoodWill in Lincoln City was especially crowded last July and I heard from customers about the great care given to honoring local seniors in a town otherwise known for tourists.

The Good Will is my favorite place to dream. I’ve watched just enough HGTV to know that anything can be repurposed with spray paint, hot glue or a hammer.  Good Will stores in Oregon have never disappointed me and I almost always leave with something useful for a project.  This time, it was 100 file folders  and 25 three-prong folders and I spent just $3.97.   I’m using the file folders to create a Life Organization File for a friend (check out Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp or the ClutterFree Academy blog to learn about this system).  I’ll use the 3 prong folders to store song books.  I considered many other items as well.   I looked for the perfect rack for organizing name tags.   I dreamed about future vacations in the travel book section.  I considered toys as I recalled a recent visitor told me I didn’t have a single Barbie in my toy box.

I celebrated my great finds.  I went home happy that a young many is celebrating such an important accomplishment as well.








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