Trevor Noah and Petite Provence

Trevor Noah is my new favorite author.  Since reading Born a Crime, I’ve been obsessed with finding examples of his seemingly spontaneous responses to questions posed by audience members or guests.  He is funny and brilliant while exposing information about race, socio economic status and gender in thought provoking ways.

My book group met recently to discuss our latest read and I was thrilled that they enjoyed Noah’s book as much as I did.  Earlier this year we read Becoming by Michelle Obama and Mom and Me and Mom by Maya Angelou. These three books have an audio version read by the author so it’s been easy to revisit them and hear the author’s voice in my head as I imagine what they’d say about my comments and connections.   Trevor is the age of my son.  Michelle is not much older than me and Maya was just a few years younger than my grandmother.  Noah, Michelle and Maya feel like extended members of our family.

Unfortunately, we didn’t think to invite Michelle or Trevor to happy hour.  When we met, sunlight reflected off the water, the fluff of cottonwood trees blew through the air and the warm breeze inspired a relaxed  discussion.  To say that our group tends to wander is an understatement.  Between us we have ten children stretched across three countries and six states.  During the past year we’ve had four weddings, three graduations, one engagement, and our group is expecting a first grandchild in the fall.  We have a lot to talk about.  Their stories inspire us to reflect on our stories and the stories we wish for our children.

Over wine, bread, salmon and salad we shared. La Provence’s happy hour menu isn’t long but there are reasonably priced, delicious options served quickly by friendly staff.


We picked this location because one in our group had just returned from a trip to Quebec and Montreal so it was the perfect place for her to continue to practice her French as she shared her pictures.  Great books, food and friends make life much more enjoyable.

For our next meet up, we’ll continue to with a memoir by Gabrielle Union.  I’ve already read We’re Going to Need More Wine and I can’t wait to see what my friends think.

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