Hot at Home Depot

I stepped into Home Depot and let my eyes adjust.  It was hot outside and the parking lot was packed at noon on a Thursday.  Normally, the best part about living in western Oregon is the mild weather.  The bad part about living in Oregon is when the temperature is expected to be less than 32 or more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit we tend to freak out a little.

On this very warm day, it seemed that fans, air conditioners and hoses were in demand.  I was there to check out countertops and before I could read the aisle markers, a friendly  man with an orange apron smiled at me and said, “Would you like a cold bottle of water?”

He opened one of the model appliances and I helped myself.  This single gesture changed my attitude.  Typically, I’m overwhelmed by the size of the store.  I’m distracted by all of the lovely things they have to touch and smell.  I budget one hour per item on my list because I get lost or sidetracked.  It seems that every shopper has a dog or small child so people watching is also quite entertaining.

On this visit, I got my cold water and directions to the countertop aisle.  I was greeted by a plumbing expert who invited me to sit at his desk, under a cool breeze of an fan amidst the samples of granite, quartz and laminate.  He showed me how I could figure the cost of my project by using a handy program.  Though he was not familiar with it, by thinking aloud as he navigated, I grew in my understanding of some of the terms I’d read about.  When another orange vested, desk person was free, she took over and with a few clicks, I had estimates for laminate and quartz countertops.   Sipping my water, I realized I could say there all day  but I didn’t.

In less than 15 minutes, I left smarter, informed and hydrated. I am now dreaming of new appliances so I need to clean my refrigerator or start saving.IMG_7060



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