75 Pound Challenge Day 4: Water Aerobics, Crunches and Drool

The evening portion of our fitness challenge today included water.  The pool was not included with the original GSD-90X Challenge but for just $9.99 I was able to add one.  I found this addition, allowed me to extend my workout by nearly an hour as I better regulated my body temperature and benefited by the group dynamic.  The pool was quite a draw for others  so I was joined by three other humans as I completed the challenge.

Initially, my furry companion seemed oblivious to new addition because I was holding the coveted ball. GSD Bailey has such a strong drive to play with a ball that she will do just about anything to have someone throw it for her.   While my toes splashed in the cool water,  she brought the ball time and time again.  In an effort to have a balanced workout I threw with my right hand then left.  GSD was NOT impressed by my non-dominant hand attempts.

green tennis ball on court
Photo by Bogdan Glisik on Pexels.com

She caught one ball in mid-air and almost landed in my lap.  As I drew my legs quickly in to protect my midsection, I may have splashed her a bit.  She paused then smiled big in gratitude for I had provided her with the world’s biggest water bowl.  She dropped her ball just long enough to lap up water and appreciatively lick  my legs before resuming the game of fetch.

I threw the ball and she returned but this time, drool hung from both sides of her smile.  She carefully extended her snout so I could take the ball.  Again, I drew my legs in quickly, this time to avoid the long strand of drool that  stretched nearly to the ground.  It barely missed my foot. As I threw the ball again, GSD whipped around to follow it and strands of saliva flew through the air.

Drool Avoidance resulted in multiple seated crunches.  German Shepherd Dog Drool is the perfect motivator for extended abdominal work.

In addition the crunches, throwing, kicking water, and lunges while vacuuming the endless supply of  dog hair, I also did some lifting today.  I’d estimate the weight of the shovel empty was 8 pounds.  Once loaded (a process that engaged arm, back and leg muscles) it felt much heavier.   A doctor of natural medicine one visited a parent group I was part of and she mentioned that poop reveals a lot about the pooper.  Bailey eats a low carb, high protein diet.  As I scooped, I wondered if her diet would described as Keto, Adkins, South Beach, or maybe just GSD Organic.
















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