Big Bellies=Lesser Laps-Day 5 of the 90 GSD-90X Challenge

Belly Fat!  I’ve always been drawn to advertisements for products promising to reduce belly fat.  While my desire to reduce my midsection has been a lifelong struggle, my GSD-90X Challenge* has me rethinking my WHY.

  1.  Big bellies mean smaller laps.  If my femur is X inches long and my belly, when seated, extends Y inches over my femur, my lap equals X-Y. Losing belly fat means you have a bigger lap.
  2. Big laps are needed for big fur babies.  The 75 pound dog (GSD) staying with us for 90 days loves laps.  If I sit on the floor with my legs straight in front of me, she covers me.   Only her head fits in my lap currently.
  3. Someday, I will have human grandchildren.  In order to show my kids I can be a good grandma (to dogs and humans) I need a bigger lap to accommodate.  Belly fat has got to go.

I’m currently reading The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.  The book has me thinking about where I put energy.  Over the past five days, my 75 pounds of German Shepherd has shown me how much fun it is to hold and cuddle those who love you unconditionally.  Because of this addition to our family(for just 85 more days) I need to put my energy into preparing for the future.

While she stays with me, I realize that she misses her kids terribly.  Bailey’s family is looking for a home in their school’s attendance zone that will allow German Shepherds.  Though she likes to sit on my lap, I know she much prefers that her girl sits with her.  I hope they can be reunited by September.


*GSD 90X Challenge is German Shepherd Dog 90X (the x should be up a little like an exponent because every thing with GSD can seem exponentially harder).  A family I love needed me to foster her for 90 days while they find a home that allows dogs (including German Shepherds) before school starts.  One side effect of the addition of Bailey has been more movement, less time to eat, and more mindfulness.

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