Compassionate People

My favorite children’s book is about a very shy lady who lives in a tree. When her town is flooded, she overcomes her shyness and invites everyone into her house. She even makes a big pot of stew.  On a rainy day, I shared the book with students in grades K, 1, 2 and 3 and followed it with a writing prompt about compassion.

Later that day, the lovely local wetlands overflowed and nearly cut us off from the main road , I went out to remove debris from the storm drain. A red truck stopped and a guy jumped out with a shovel and made quick work of what I’d been using plastic gloved hands to clear.

I am glad I get to read about compassionate people AND interact with compassionate people regularly. That night when I came home to a big pot of stew (crock pot prep pays off) I was happy to be sheltered and fed and out of the storm, just like Ms. Twiggley in my favorite book Ms. Twiggley’s Tree.


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