Purple Hen Flowers and Herbs

It’s summer in Oregon!  Summer arrived last Friday at 1:20pm.  The sun inspired me to garden. I prepared my pots then planned a trip to my favorite farm.  Pappa’s Pumpkin Patch is also the home of Purple Hen Flowers and Herbs.  I accidentally found this place for plants while purchasing pumpkins.  I found five buck fall flowers that I’d seen for fifteen dollars at the store.  I love saving money, country drives and farm stands so I made plans with a buddy to visit Purple Hen Flowers and Herbs at 20345 SW Scholls Sherwood Rd. in Sherwood, Oregon. 

The flowers at Purple Hen are beautiful and lovingly cared for.  I am not a gardener so I especially appreciate the expertise offered by the staff.  On my visit I learned how to properly fertilize and deadhead (which has nothing to do with Jerry Garcia). I  got an opinion about what “partial sun” means.  I left with purple fingers and many new ideas.

I came home today with lavender, chives, cilantro and another green herb.  I buried my face in the planter as I put these in the soil of one planter box.

Geraniums and petunias filled the other boxes on my deck.  It was such a warm day, the poor plants were wilted by the time I unpacked them from the car.  Once in the dirt, they perked right up.

U-cut flowers are twenty-five cents a stem. I didn’t get any this time but I admired the beautiful assortment and will certainly visit Purple Hen the next time I need cut flowers.






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