Seahawks, Moonstruck, and Moonlit Walk

When it seemed that the Seahawks might lose their lead in the third quarter, my husband started aggressively making suggestions on what they might do differently.  He’s always fancied himself a coach but it’s only when his team is losing or at risk of losing that he cranks up his volume.  I’ve always fancied myself as a loving, tolerant wife but  tonight as he shouted at the television, I realized that the more he yells, the more I crave sweets.  My “sweet” disposition is really a sugar coma.

Moonstruck Chocolate is the BEST chocolate in the world! Made in Portland, Oregon, this decadent chocolate exemplifies the values and beauty of our state.  It is so rich and delicious, that most people savor it one bite at a time.  When I’m stressed, I inhale it.

Moonstruck makes great gifts. In a wildly optimistic attempt at getting my Christmas shopping done early, I made several gift baskets with my favorite food, wines and products made in Oregon.  I figured that Oregon wine, cheese and chocolate would be the perfect last minute gift if I needed one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t consider the danger of having such delicious food in such close proximity.  Readers with self-control likely have no idea that in some homes, gift baskets like this can be emptied and restocked multiple times before they are actually given away.  Tonight, my baskets were at risk.

As the Seakhawk’s game intensified, so did my craving for chocolate.  LUCKILY, the Moonstruck logo includes a crescent moon so as I thought of the chocolate, I was reminded of the beautiful moon I’d seen last night.  Instead of breaking into the Christmas gifts, I put on my coat and went for a walk.

It’s 36 degrees Fahrenheit and the skies are unusually clear.  A few of the people on my street have Christmas lights up.  The moon in the night sky is magical.  Walking away from a football fanatic is much healthier than over indulging in my favorite food.  I’m happy to say that tonight, my Christmas gifts survived and my marriage is one day stronger and longer.  The Seahawks won and all is back to calm in my home.

If I were talking to my BFF, I might tell her I’m on a healthy living streak.  My new self-controlled me is proud. Who knew that taking a walk at night could be beautiful, fun and rewarding?!?






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