Hiking for Pokemon and Spicy Peanut Dressing on Spinach-Day 6 in My Life of Living Abundantly

Dandy’s Drive In in Bend, Oregon has amazing burgers served to you by skating carhops.  Back in the late 1900s, during lunch break my boyfriend (now husband) and I sat in the back of his friends Chevy Camaro on the way to lunch.  Over every bump, as the tires scraped the wheels, the driver would make a comment about my date’s weight.  I was sure he really meant that I was a dead weight in the back seat and they’d be better off if I weren’t with them.  At 15, I was sure of two things–every negative comment was really all about me and everyone thought I was fat.  Bumps in the road (literal and figurative) still bring on feelings of negativity.

I have the head knowledge for so many things.   I know that people were created for a purpose and that I have value. I know that words of people (even the ones I speak) don’t define me.  I know that a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life.  Why is APPLYING what I know so difficult?

Mindset by Carol Dweck illustrates the power of yet. Throughout my life, I’ve practiced growth mindset thinking in all areas of my life EXCEPT when it comes to eating and exercise.  It was just about a week ago that my new primary care provider said something that made me realize that food and exercise impact how abundantly (or not) I live ALL of my life.   Figuring out how implement positive and productive habits of mind in this area is essential.

In order to change my habits, this year I’m tracking small steps it takes to change or stay the same.  I pray that by December 2020 when I see my primary care doctor again, I won’t have to say I haven’t gotten this aspect of my life under control YET.  I’m tracking a range of success indicators in hopes of changing my thinking and actions when it comes to eating less and moving more.

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index: Today is a perfect example of what typically derails me.  The number on my scale was 3.2 higher than yesterday.  Two days in a row of a larger number would usually have me giving up.   I need to remember that I’m going to (hopefully) live a whole year whether I’m eating less and moving more or not.  I’ve declared this to be a year of living more abundantly, not, “0.01643 of a Year of Living More Abundantly”.  I must stick with it!

Yesterday my feelings were hurt and I handled it by eating.  When I finally forgave the person who hurt my feelings, we binged watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon.   Binge watching and emotional eating are challenges I haven’t mastered YET.

Blood Pressure:  This measure was about the same today as yesterday.

Healthy Fuel:   I got my first Hello Fresh box today.  We are trying to eat more fish and I hate buying and cooking it so thought a service like this might help.  Hopefully, portion control, better tasting food and an increased variety will be the outcome of this experiment.

Not so Healthy Fuel: I bought cookies at Trader Joe’s for a party on Saturday and I’m proud to report that all cookies are still in the house!

Quiet Time: I need time alone in order to recharge.  Full weekends make me appreciate the normalcy of Mondays.  My drive time was spent listening to a great book.  Cooking alone was so much fun.  Walking was more social but I still had time to think and pray.  Even wandering around the grocery store felt like quiet reflective time today.  

Nature Parks Explored:. The Health App on my iPhone coupled with my iWatch has made it really easy to track the number of steps taken daily. One of the apps suggested for increasing my step count is PokemonGo.  My kids got me set up and today I was wandering the area trying to catch imaginary critters.  The animated me looked like she was walking randomly in circles and I’m still not sure if I caught anything.  I visited a nature park with the word “woods” in the name but I spent so much time looking at my phone and my feet that I didn’t see the park.  After dinner, my husband and I chased Pokemon in the dark.

 Spinach Salads:    I bought spinach and other salad greens at Trader Joe’s today.  This isn’t my usual grocery store and I was impressed by the assortment of precut vegetables there were.  The vegetables were right next to the Christmas cookies and candy display.  Can you guess whether I bought more veggies and desserts?

Beverage High in Antioxidants: Kirkland coffee grounds brewed at home were made even better by a bit of blue sky, sunshine and a blissfully quiet house!  


Walking with My Grand Dog: On today’s walk to the mailbox, I spent time visiting with 2 dogs on their walk.  Honestly, I was just going to the mailbox and it’s only three houses up my street but that includes an elevation gain that feels like about 500 feet.  When the dogs came out just two houses up, petting them and listening to my neighbor gave me a a second to catch my breath.  On the way home, I visited with another neighbor as she and her geriatric bull mastiff returned from a play date.  While neighbor dogs are nice, my time with my granddog would have made my day.  Here is a picture showing how clever he is.  I aspire to his level of self-control!


Sand Castles with Cute Kids: I spent an hour in a first grade classroom this morning.  Listening to kids read and helping them pick out just right books to read at home FLOODS me with joy!  The teacher is using the Elephant and Piggie Book Club, a free resource by Nellie Edge (fabulous early grades literacy guru).


I am grateful for amazing teachers. When teachers love what they do it shows!

I am grateful for Mo Willems.  Kids love reading his stories.

I am grateful for sunshine I can soak up today so I’m ready for the rest of the week.


I am grateful that the man who held me tight in the back of his friend’s Camaro in 1983 is so much fun to spend time with still.  We listened to Sade during our candlelight dinner tonight.




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