Time with Friends, Spinach and Steps to a Healthier Life-Day 9 of My Year of Living Abundantly

The dining table was built with wood from a barn constructed in the 1800s. With room for 20, it filled the space.  Clearly, the priority of our host was to spend time with family and friends.  Her beautifully decorated home so naturally showed her love of people and her desire to create a special space for others.

One of the transformations I’ve noticed (now in day 9 in my journey) is my desire to celebrate the small things. My son is 3000 miles away but when I walk into his old room (now my wrapping and gift storage space) I smile when I smell him.    When I make dinner, I listen to music and love jazz and Christmas lights as the sun set in the afternoon.  As I make dinner, I notice how salt crystals stick to string beans as they roast.  There is beauty in the detail indeed!

Spending time with a range of people helps me appreciate the small things in life. When I saw my doctor 9 days ago, she inspired me to think differently about my choices.  As I spent my day with a group of retirees, I see how others volunteer, read, move and live well.  It’s nice to have positive role models.  I’m still keeping track of success indicators I’ve picked but I realize there’s more to life than the things on my list. What do I aim to do?

Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index:  Today my weight was down.

Blood Pressure: Today my blood pressure was up.

Healthy Fuel: Today was one big party.  Some of the things I enjoyed today were healthy most were not.

Not so Healthy Fuel: See above

Quiet Time: I didn’t have quiet time today.

Nature Parks Explored:  I didn’t explore a nature park today.

 Spinach Salads: I had soup with spinach and several beautiful salads but they all had other delicious stuff that  likely made them unhealthy.

Beverage High in Antioxidants: Tonight our wine was from Belgium.  It was red and rich but didn’t stand out.

Walking with My Grand Dog: I didn’t spend time with dogs today.

Sand Castles with Cute Kids: I didn’t spend time with kids today.

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the powerful women who came before me.  Today I had lunch with some of the first females who took on roles that were held by males in the 1980s.  They paved the way for others and I’m grateful for their hard work.


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