A Life Well Lived-Day 12 in my Year of Living More Abundantly

My dog NEVER dressed up for Christmas! When we tried to add a fancy collar or hat, she was so ashamed! She would stand with her head low and sway like she was going to pass out.  When I see dogs dressed for a party on social media, I am a little jealous. My sweet Lilly (2001-2016) had a full life even without costumes!

What is the measure of a full life?  For a dog, it’s likely lots of balls, squirrels, and belly rubs plus long naps in a favorite patch of sun.  Most importantly, a dog’s full life includes time with favorite humans.

As a human, an abundant life for me includes time with God.  Before we went to church today (just to be clear, God’s not only at church but I need community and corporate worship) my husband made waffles. By the time the music started, I was sinking into a carb coma.  I was so sleepy and had a hard time staying focused.

This is yet another example of how the food and exercise choices I make influence my life.  I slept in this morning and opted to read and call my mom instead of take a walk.  Lack of movement coupled with delicious waffles made the whole day feel lazy and fuzzy.

When twelve days ago my doctor suggested my exercise and eating choices influence how I live each day, I was inspired to try to make improvements.  I started tracking some of the things I thought might reflect an abundant life as well as some of the things one typically tracks when trying to eat less and move more.  Now that I’m 12 days in, I realize that my life is PACKED.  I need to be more intentional with my time.

This week, I’m going to focus on how I spend the first hour of my day and how many steps I take each day.  Over the past month, my most productive and positive days have been the most active.

My steps and other success indicators are below.


Success Indicator Updates:

Body Mass Index:


Blood Pressure:


Healthy Fuel: None today

Not so Healthy Fuel:  My husband made waffles for breakfast,

Quiet Time: None today

Nature Parks Explored:None today

Spinach Salads: None today

Beverage High in Antioxidants:  None today

Walking with My Grand Dog:  My handsome grand-dog is still in Central Oregon.  He misses going on walks with me.


Sand Castles with Cute Kids: None today


Today I’m grateful for my mom. Her birthday is today so I talked to her a little bit longer than typical.  She is involved in making the world better in so many ways.  One of her passions is enabling women around the world to make positive contributions.  Making sure that women are able to work or go to school every day during a month is one way she’s supporting others.  To learn more about one of her projects, check out Days for Girls.

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